Dear Parents,
In the view of the current security situation we have put in place certain security measures for the entire school community and for the safety of the children which is our prime concern.
You are all requested to abide by all the instructions and directives given by the security personnel.
You have to enter through the archway, your bag might be put through the scanner, your bag might be searched manually, there may be body frisking, you may be asked to enter from a particular gate etc.
No parent/visitor/anyone whatever his/her position might be and whatever connections he/she might have with our board members etc. can disregard, challenge or refuse to follow the security procedures of the School.
Our School Owners, Directors, CEOs, when they come to the School, they themselves follow the security protocol.
At airports, five star hotels, at international clubs you all have to follow and go through the security procedures. No one can argue/question. Same is the case with the School.
Nobody is above the law and we all as parents and the School have to instill the right values in our students to make them law abiding citizens of this nation, and for that we have to set the right example. So please extend your full cooperation in this regard.
Best wishes.
Harsh Wal