Diet Control for Swimming Students

Dear Parents

Please let your kids drink a glass of luke warm milk with two tea spoon full of honey every time they come back home after a swimming session. Also early morning they should take hottened honey with 2 to 3 leaves of Basil/ Tulsi. [These two steps if followed regularly, your child will NEVER catch cold.]

Also in addition, they should avoid eating oily fast foods like Pizza, Burgers, Sub Sandwiches, Chicken Fries, French Fries etc.

If your child is crazy about all these, then give him/her a plain sandwich with raw cucumber slices, raw tomato slices, raw onion rings and ONLY ONE thin slice of cheese every time he does breakfast along with a glass of juice.

Also every week, serve him TWICE with two boiled eggs and one dip of egg less mayonnaise.

Also INCREASE the amount of raw vegetables in the diet like Green Leafy Vegetables (GLF) like Spinach, Red Chinese Leaves, Lettuce, Cabbage (instead of Cauliflowers), Peas, Beans, Okra/ Lady Finger, Raw papaya, Ripe papaya, Carrots, Beetroot etc.

They should STRICTLY AVOID taking FIZZY DRINKS. FIZZY DRINKS will cause your children to get prone to Childhood Obesity and Teenage Hyperglycemia (Blood Sugar Rise).

Instead you can advice them to drink lots of water (can be sweetened with Glucose). Take lots of Bananas, Apples, Oranges, and Dates.

Infact, a dose of 2 bananas and 4 pieces of dates just before swimming will work wonders. Also make it a habit that every day WITHOUT FAIL, you give them a serving of SPROUTED PULSES with diced ginger and a little salt to taste.

This food habits will greatly increase your child's stamina, immunity and prevent them from falling ill and catching cold and cough in this winters.

Thank you.